How to Win More Radio Contests & Sweepstakes

Today I'm going to discuss how to increase your chances of winning radio sweepstakes. As you probably already know many radio programs give away free trips, exclusive VIP concert tickets, and other prizes to very attentive listeners. Of course, there's a couple different standard ways of increasing your chances. They are as follows.

How to win more radio contests & sweepstakes video

Method One

Listen to different radio stations at different times of the day This is simply because many stations offer prizes at different times of the day, and you can maximize your winning chances by calling in then.

Method Two

Add speed-dial, buy an extra cell phone, so when you hear the prize has been announced you simply push a button and you can call into the radio station right away.

Method Three

Keep on dialing until you actually hear a winner being announced. Even if you get a busy signal, keep dialing, because someone may not have the correct answer to a quiz, or even get through. They may also be ineligible, which still gives you a chance at winning.

Super Stealth Tactic

I had an opportunity to talk to some women from a sweepstakes convention, who regularly win prizes worth thousands of dollars every single month. This is what they shared. Each of them listens to a particular, favorite radio station. If one of them hears a station offering a prize - she instantly text messages all her friends to call into that station. Instantly, there are five or six women who are friends all calling into the same station, and one of them is bound to get through. When one of the woman finally gets through, she either gives the prize to the one who initially told everyone about it, or they share the prize if possible. That is the secret super stealth tactic for today. For more tips and strategies, and to find out how you can enter up to a thousand sweepstakes in less than an hour every single day, visit Also, be sure to click on the book link in the description to get an extensive list of super stealth strategies that you can use today, to maximize your winning chances.