Winning Strategies Simplified

Maximizing your chances of winning really comes down to three main things.
Pay attention to these three things, and you will give yourself the best chances of winning possible.

Step 1: How to maximize the number of times you enter a sweepstakes

Three Simple Winning Strategies

Winning sweepstakes prizes from a ballot type style entry (i.e., enter your name/phone number/etc) - comes down to simple odds calculation. If you enter once, and there is only one entry in a sweepstakes - then you have a 100% chance of winning. (1 entry/1 total entries * 100% = 100%). If you enter once - and there are 99 other entries, then your chances of winning are 1%. (1 entry from you/100 total entries * 100% = 1%).

On the surface - it might seem that it would be really hard to win sweepstakes. The perception is that 'thousands' and 'thousands' of people must be entering. While in some cases this is true, in many cases it is not. This is because many times the company hosting the sweepstakes may not know how to promote themselves that well, so very few people know about the sweepstakes. In many other cases where there are lots of entrants - the companies provide you with tools to 'tip' the odds in your favor.

Step 2: Maximize the number of sweepstakes that you enter

This is pretty straightforward. If you only enter one sweepstakes in a month that offers one prize - then you only have a chance of winning one prize. But - if you enter 100 unique sweepstakes that each offer a prize - then not only do you have a chance of winning one of 100 different prizes - but you could also win MULTIPLE prizes in a single month! Many people do win multiple prizes.

You can find additional sweepstakes by looking in sweepstakes search engines, websites that you know offer sweepstakes on a regular basis, sweepstakes directories, sweepstakes newsletters, and so forth. Some of these resources are listed in the 'Other Online Sweepstakes Resources' section of this website. (Use the menu at the top to navigate there).

Step 3: Enter difficult to enter sweepstakes

"Difficult" sweepstakes are those that require more information than just simply a name and an e-mail address. These tend to be much easier to win - simply because the majority of people tend to view it as too much "work" and will skip them - meaning your chances of winning are that much higher. If 100 people entered an "easy" sweepstakes - many times, out of that same 100 people, only 10 of them would take the time to enter a "difficult" sweepstakes. This means that you would have 10x the chances of winning a prize!

Difficult sweepstakes tend to include one or more of the following elements in their entry form: