Winning Tools

Obviously, everything on the website is designed to help you maximize your chances of winning prizes. In this article we will discuss how to get the most use out of each specific type of tool - as well other tools from other companies you can use to maximize your chances of winning, and winning big.

Form Filling Software

Form filling software helps you enter sweepstakes faster, easier, and more efficiently. It helps prevent you from making mistakes when entering as well. The SweepersChoice premium membership is great for that, because it is form filling software designed specifically for people who want to maximize their chances of winning amazing prizes. Other 'general purpose' form filling software (not designed specifically for sweepstakes, but can help speed up the form filling process) include software like Roboform, LastPass, or 1Password.

Sweepstakes Newsletters

Sweepstakes Newsletters can help you find highly winnable sweepstakes. Sometimes sponsors will first go through a newsletter if it has a large following (meaning you get first chances of winning, especially if it an 'instant' win sweepstakes). Other times - the editors of these newsletters, through years of experience, know how to find these lesser known sweepstakes. Lesser known usually means less entries, and less entries means higher chances of winning for you. It is a good idea to subscribe to a sweepstakes newsletter. A number of these are listed in the online sweepstakes resources section.

Sweepstakes Forums

Sweepstakes forums are a great place to share winning stories - or keep you motivated while you are waiting for your next win. There are a lot of people that do this for fun, as a hobby. And then there are a small group of people who - you could say do it 'professionally'. (By 'professionally' - meaning they enter 8+ hours/day, and usually win at least $30,000+ in prizes/year. Some of the 'superstars' win upwards of $250,000/year). Periodically they will come to online forums and share winning tips or strategies. A number of these forums are listed in the online sweepstakes resources section of the website.