Instant access to 2,500-4,000 sweepstakes at your fingertips, in easy to sort & clickable excel spreadsheet!

Do you want to enter sweepstakes, but find it frustrating trying to find what you want? Do you find yourself constantly trying to find the sweepstakes out of all the advertisements, while navigating sweepstakes directories? Or, do you find it difficult to figure out where the 'big' prizes are, because there are so many 'tiny' ones that hide the big ones?

Wouldn't you love it if thousands of sweepstakes were organized, in an easy to use, massive list of sweepstakes?

If you answered YES to any of the above questions, then you NEED the MASSIVE Sweepstakes Excel List! It is a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet, sent out once a month, containing 2,500-4,000 online sweepstakes complete with prize details at your fingertips. Simply mouseover the image to the right, and you can get an idea of HOW easy it is to find what you want!


With the MASSIVE Sweepstakes Excel List, you have:

How do I get it?

The MASSIVE Sweepstakes Excel List is only $50/month. It is sent out once in the first week of every month, after the companies have listed their new sweepstakes for that month.

Click the green button below now to get instant access to the MASSIVE Sweepstakes Excel List. As soon as your order is processed, within 5-10 minutes you will get a confirmation of your order. Then, you will receive the next month's list as soon as it becomes available. Click below to get it now, and maximize your winning chances!