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Romantic Dinner!

Want to get lucky? Read on to find out how!

The more you enter, the luckier you will get, and the better chances of winning big prizes you have! Our premium service helps you accomplish exactly that, and achieve your winning goals! Our premium software package significantly speeds up your sweepstakes entry process, eliminating the effort and usual time constraints you would have doing it all by yourself. It gives you the time and ability to enter many more sweepstakes than you could ever hope to achieve manually. All at the simple click of a button.

Prizes include things such as gift cards, to gift packages. Add your own sweepstakes to add bigger and better prizes, or add different membership levels (such as the captcha membership) for things like cash prizes, big $1,000, $2,500, and even $5,000+ vacation packages and more. The list of sweepstakes is constantly updated on a regular basis, so as old ones expire, new ones are added in - giving you even more winning chances!

SweepersChoice gives you:

How does this work?

Step 1. Start the software. If it is your first time you are starting it then it will ask for your profile information. This is the information that the program will use to fill in the sweepstakes entry forms. You only need to do this once, unless your information changes.

Step 2. Any new sweepstakes entry sites that have been discovered by our team will be downloaded to your computer. You choose which ones you want to enter, by putting either a 'red x' or a 'green checkmark' next to them. By default, the service assumes you want to enter everything.

Step 3. You then simply click 'enter now' button. You watch as each website is visited, form filled in, and information submitted! Entering takes minutes, not hours!

When can I begin winning?

If you enter all the sweepstakes daily you can significantly maximize your chances of winning.

We have had new members win within two to three days of signing up to use our service. (Sample testimonial shared with us!)

Members have won everything from $25 gift cards to $10k in cash. They also have won $10k vacation packages. Your winnings depend on how often you enter, it depends on how many sweepstakes you enter, and of course if your entry is chosen as a winner.

How do I obtain my membership?

The service is only $29 a month. You may remain a member as long as you wish and cancel any time. We are constantly updating the software with new sweepstakes for you to enter as old ones expire.

You can pay using Paypal, Visa or Mastercard, or choose from several preferred payment options. We use BMTMicro as our secure payment provider. Charges on your credit card will be shown as coming from BMTMicro.

Click the green buy now button below to get started.

Once you fill in your order details, and click submit, your order will be processed. It should take about 5-10 minutes to process. Once processed, you will get an e-mail containing login instructions, and how to get immediate access to the software. You should be able to be up & running within 5-10 minutes.