As a full version member, you may download the latest version from here (please note, you may need to re-enter your license key):

Premium Members: When you placed your order, you will have received an e-mail that looks something like this. The text that is in BOLD is your username and license key information.

Your username (everything on one line, name, e-mail and phone number) and license key, is: yourname,, 1231231234

1. Please access the full version by going into the 'About' menu of the software,:
2. Clicking on 'Enter Username/License key Information'
3. And then cutting & pasting the two lines above. Press 'OK' once done

You need to cut & paste that information into the software. If you need to see how to do that, please see this video tutorial by clicking here. It will show you step-by-step what you need to do.

When you purchase an upgrade, it may take between 5-10 minutes to activate it after everything has been processed. Simply restart the software 1-2x, and you should then notice that your membership has been upgraded, with the additional sweepstakes for the upgrade you purchased.

Somehow, your system does not seem to be installing core files that are important to running visual basic applications, so you need to download a patch from Microsoft. Installing this file should fix it:

If you still experience difficulty after installing this file, please let us know.